Expediting your drug development program

We provide expert assistance with drug development programs in neuromuscular disease.  We are a leader in pre-clinical drug trials of mouse models, and human clinical trial support (biomarkers, regulatory and trial design).

Robust preclinical trials for orphan drug designations

We bring 15 years of experience with over 140 pre-clinical trials.  Our databases provide normative values and benchmarking in multiple murine models of neuromuscular disease. Our attention to SOPs and appropriate powering and blinding of studies have made us an industry leader.

Over 50 SOPs, qualification and validations for dystrophin measures in clinical trials

Our methods have been subject to extensive regulatory review.  Immunoblot, mass spec, immunostaining, histology, RT-PCR are offered, and we provide on-site supervision of muscle biopsies at clinical sites.

News and Information

Learn more about AGADA’s new collaborations in Halifax, Nova Scotia and how we are evolving to meet the rapidly growing needs for services that accelerate orphan drug development!