Regeneration: embryonic Myosin Heavy Chain (eMHC)

Figure 1: eMHC staining on diaphragm section of BL10 mouse. Insert showing no degenerating fibers, only blue DAPI.

Figure 2: eMHC staining on diaphragm section of MDX mouse. Insert showing regenerating fibers highlighted by green fluorescence.

Figure 3: Regenerating fibers in diaphragm section of BL10 (n=8) versus MDX (n=8) male mice at 14 weeks. Mean with standard error showing statistical significance (**) with a p-value of 0.0039.


eMHC is expressed by regenerating fibers, which allows for a visual assessment of regeneration under fluorescent microscopy. The regenerating fibers are immunolabelled by anti-eMHC antibodies, which under fluorescence show as bright green.