Fibrosis: Picro-Sirius Red (PSR)

Figure 1: PSR staining on diaphragm section of BL10 mouse. Insert showing normal collagen in healthy tissue.

Figure 2: PSR staining on diaphragm section of MDX mouse. Insert showing elevated collagen between fibers, stained red.

Figure 3: Percent collagen in diaphragm section of BL10 (n=8) versus MDX (n=8) male mice at 14 weeks. Mean with standard error showing statistical significance (****) with a p-value of <0.0001.

Picro-Sirius Red stains the extensive collagen network created in response to dystrophinopathies a pink/red color. Our semi-automated analysis protocol allows for efficient quantification of these fibrotic fields. Picro-Sirius stained heart, diaphragm and skeletal muscle sections can be assessed for percent fibrosis in a cross-section of tissue.