Todd Dow

Biology Honors Student

My experience at AGADA Biosciences was everything an undergraduate student could hope for from a Co-op work placement. AGADA Biosciences is composed of a group of highly professional individuals who are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. This supportive environment along with the constant learning curve and application of new skills made going to work each day a fun and rewarding experience. AGADA Biosciences offered me the unique opportunity to work with and have one on one informative discussions with world leading experts in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy research and treatment. Additionally, working at AGADA Biosciences allowed me to work with and learn from expert consultants on techniques such as using an echocardiogram and conducting in-vitro muscle tests. I acquired many skills through our trials and research at AGADA such as: working with animals, performing functional testing, conducting statistical analysis, performing multiple methods of drug treatment, practicing professional writing skills, performing histological analysis and the experience of working in a professional preclinical research environment. For any student wishing to pursue a career in research or medicine following undergraduate studies I would highly suggest applying to work for AGADA Biosciences.