Reneé Yang

Biology Co-op Student

My time working with AGADA has been an enriching learning experience. The company provides the opportunity to apply biological theories, skills, and techniques to the industrial workforces as well as research in the science community. AGADA really encouraged hands on learning and development of my education throughout the work term. The wide variety of skills that I have learned and practiced are distinctive and have met and exceeded my expectations. Being a part of a new company is a unique opportunity to learn about the pre-clinical drug development industry, as well as be part of developing experimental protocols. As a co-op student, I was given responsibilities and duties like every other employee,  and treated as such. It’s been a privilege to work with such a knowledgeable and skilled team of people, and of course, fun and friendly! Working here has been my most educational, applicable, and challenging placement, and has been a rewarding opportunity.