Rebecca Shaw

Biology Co-op Student

As a co-op student at AGADA Biosciences, I have been offered an incredible opportunity to learn and grow in knowledge and professionalism in the biological science industry. The past 8 months at AGADA have provided a solid foundation on which to build my academic and professional career. Learning from a group of highly professional experts, I have been able to put my academic knowledge into real-life situations by assisting in the preclinical testing program. I was provided the opportunity to become well-practiced in a wide range of techniques including; animal handling, data collection and analysis, molecular biological techniques such as RNA extraction and quantification, cDNA synthesis and RT-PCR as well as histological stains and analyses. This co-op term presented a constant learning curve as there were always new procedures to practice and master, in coordination with learning the theories behind them. It was a pleasure to work with the enthusiastic and supportive team at AGADA Biosciences, and I would certainly recommend this co-op placement to fellow students in Biology, Biochemistry or Microbiology.