Christina Bell

Research Associate

My time with Agada is an employment opportunity I will always be incredibly humbled by. The appreciation I have from being a fundamental part of a company early on in its development, watching as milestones were met and surpassed, all the while alongside a wonderful team has been incomparable and rewarding!

The workplace dynamic is fast-paced, diverse, and ever-adapting to meet the needs of a growing demand. From my very first day, I was met with respect, professionalism, appreciation, and a wealth of knowledge and mentorship. At Agada, I acquired an in-depth understanding of Duchenne MD, as well as the pre-clinical drug testing industry through leading experts in the field – and through thorough training, I gained an invaluable skill-set that allowed me not only to utilize, but exceed those obtained during my undergraduate degree. Further, Agada offers its employees variety, responsibility and a challenge, which can be readily seen by the extensive list of services offered!

The Agada team is not only made up of hard working, but also fun, highly personable and compassionate individuals! This can be seen by the company’s positive work morale, as well as its genuine interest and dedication toward community involvement and beyond!

I’m so thankful for the time I shared with Agada, and all of the support I received in relation to my current educational endeavours, knowing very well the team and position helped me achieve this important personal goal. I look forward to watching as Agada Biosciences continues to grow, and hearing about the individual and combined successes of my colleagues and friends, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working there to anyone who has ever considered a career in preclinical research!