Charlotte Fuller

Biology & Chemistry Co-op Student

AGADA Biosciences is a fast-pace work environment that has given me the opportunity to work in the pre-clinical drug testing field. Through this company, I have been able to utilize skills I’ve learned during my undergraduate program, as well as gain experience in key procedures and assessments for biomedical research. The learning curve is on-going thanks to weekly lab meetings that help keep you up to date with the happenings of the lab, as well as research presentations explaining project backgrounds that help expand your knowledge base. The staff are all extremely welcoming allowing for a supportive work environment that makes this placement not just educational, but also fun. I highly recommend applying to AGADA whether pre-clinical drug testing is your field of interest or not, as the learning experience can translate to many other fields of research. Having done this co-op placement I feel much more prepared for whatever I choose to do after my undergraduate degree.