Ashleigh Dunphy

Biology Co-op Student

Working at AGADA Biosciences has provided me with work experience that could not be provided in a classroom. During my 8 months with AGADA, I have learned so many hands on techniques and have been exposed to a completely new avenue of science in pre-clinical drug testing. Working in this environment has helped me shape my future and prepare for life after my undergraduate degree. Learning under experts in the field of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and pre-clinical and clinical testing has allowed me to practice techniques from previous knowledge and apply it to a lab setting. It has also allowed me to continually learn new skills such as various functional tests, staining techniques/immunohistochemistry, dissections and tissue collection and histological analysis’. From working with such an incredible team at AGADA Biosciences, I have gained a greater knowledge base for on-going research in medicine and I would recommend this job to any student who is looking to gain hands on experience in research.