Our Team

Kanneboyina Nagaraju

Founder and Board Member

Eric P Hoffman

Founder, President, and CEO

Amanda Mullen

Chief Operating Officer

Donika Shala

Clinical Operations Manager

Alexandra MacKinnon

Executive Research Manager

Joyce Rowsell

Facility Coordinator & Safety Officer

Maja Malbasic

Clinical QA Manager

Heather Nadeau

Research Associate

Lianne Baker

Laboratory Manager

Pia Elustondo

Director of Research

Ashley Maloney

Research Associate

Arul Thirumaran

Senior Research Associate

Candela Bosco Suarez

Training Manager

Kevin Zhao


Diogo Poroca


John Stapleton

MIS Manager

Ashley Vining

Research Associate

Meagan McKenna

Research Manager

Sonny Kim

Research Associate

Fiorella Morales

Research Associate

Hyejin Jeon

Research Associate

Chris Rice

Quality Assurance Associate

Jennifer Lilly


Gianpaolo Cardellini

Research Associate

Paula Torres Munoz

Research Associate

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